Monday, July 22, 2013

And So It Begins

"Here's a pencil and an eraser. Find a place to sit down and write a paragraph in English about why you want to learn English."

For some these words were met with a smile and a nod, for others wide-eyed panic. Writing, the third and final stage of pre-camp evaluation for the students (following question and answer sessions), was the most intimidating. Some of the younger students insisted in Polish that they could not do it. Emily, the counselor assigned to help, did her best to coax them into at least trying. A few still turned in blank sheets, but some wrote beautiful paragraphs. I learned from their essays that a large portion of the students hope to someday travel to, or possibly live in London. Some want to be architects, some teachers, and some want to turn 18 so they can get a driver's license. It was nice to see returning students and meet the new ones. All but one of my students from last year are back at camp.

Arrival day at camp is always a light day. Once the evaluations were complete, scores were tallied, and students were divided up into classes. After the evening welcome, students were introduced to their teachers and given a tour of the camp. Following a little play time and an evening prayer, students were sent to bed.


  1. Hi Amy, I've been praying for you guys. I'm excited fro you, and am glad you made it there safely.

  2. So glad that many familiar faces are at camp. Who has returned from my group last year? I know Weronika and Isa are not there, but not sure about the rest of them. Have fun and stay safe. Hope you have enjoyed more morning hikes up the mountain!


  3. I know that Kinga is also there and I am sure I saw Justyna N. (and her little sister) in a couple of Lisa's photos. What about my 'pool girls,' Claudia, Ada, and Ala? I don't see them in the photos :-(