Friday, July 26, 2013

Play Ball!

It is always fun to see a kid get really excited about learning something new. It is even better when that something new is your favorite sport and a sport that doesn't really exist in their country. One of our students has fallen in love with baseball (or softball since we've been pitching underhand). Every free moment she wants to be pitched to so she can practice hitting. She also happens to be really, really good. She picked up on hitting instantly and started to somewhat take a step at the start of her swing before I ever explained that part to her. Now we are working with keeping her weight on her back foot. Once she learns to use her legs for power she will be amazing. It saddens me to think that she won't have the opportunity to play on a team because she would be a star. I'm so happy to see that some of the campers have taken an interest in the game. In past years that hasn't been the case. It also gives me a chance to bond with her more than I did last year. The relationships we build are the best part of the camp, but they are also what makes it so hard to leave.


  1. Hello from Lincoln! Our hearts are there and we are enjoying the blogs. Makes us feel as though we are there? How's everyone doing? Jessica been to e room yet?

  2. Love reading the reports. Tell everyone I love them and so does God. I miss them.