Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Water Day

Fourteen hundred water balloons, thirteen water cannons, a dozen water guns, and buckets of water provided the ammo. Forty-five students, twelve American teachers, and twelve Polish counselors provided the targets. Water day is always one of the students favorite activities. No one stays dry on water day. This year we went beyond our traditional water balloon fight and added water guns that the American staff brought to camp. This addition enabled everyone to get wetter even faster.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hike Day

Hike Day is best told through pictures, though even pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of this place.

Little Frankenstein

He's the troublemaker, the clown, the one who just won't calm down, but mess up his hair, dress him up, put him in front of a camera and he becomes the perfect Frankenstein for his class movie. We have such wonderful group of students. All of them are so talented in different ways and they never cease to surprise us with their capabilities. Each day here is truly a blessing.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Power Restored

After a few days without internet connection at camp we are finally back online. During the time we've been off we have been to Wisła, had campers arrive, and started English lessons, and many other fun activities. This year's lessons are on pop culture. They are learning about music, literature, movies, and food. Class time is divided into rotations of English lessons, Bible lessons, and time spent making movies. Each class will make their own short movie which will be shown at the end of camp.

Yesterday in addition to all the camp activities I started my morning with a walk in the drizzly weather with Bianca, a Polish counselor from Germany, played 2 on 2 basketball with Pastor James, Shane, and Filip (another Polish counselor) after workshops were over, and then soccer with Katie and some of the campers after supper. I had some sore legs by the end of the day, but it was well worth it. Still up at 5 am to start it all over again today.

Happy belated birthday to my dad!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

All the Comforts of Home

I have found a home away from home. It is 5,000+ miles away, across an ocean, with a language I don't speak, but for thirteen days each summer for then now third year in a row it is a place I can't imagine my life without. New friendships have been made, new foods tried, and unforgettable experiences had. My first two years I had nerves about the trip for a variety of reasons, now in my third year, I have no worries about coming here. I feel safe here. There is so much love and laughter each day. While I may not have everything here that I have at home, I have all that I need. Looking forward to seeing what this year's camp will bring.

Early risers club


Monday, August 5, 2013

Never Ending Stairs

There are 60 steps from my room at camp to the attic where my classroom is. On the last day of class I went up those steps at least a dozen times. That's 720 steps without counting trips down the stairs or all the trips I made just to the second floor. Sixty steps to drop off camera and water bottle. Sixty steps to come back up with a towel for feet washing. Sixty more to bring up the bucket of water. Another trip to get the lesson from my room. And another to get a spoon for food day. There was a trip for taking the food up to the classroom. One to get paper towels. Then later trips to put away sports equipment. After two weeks of hiking every morning I could feel each step in my legs. Exhausting, but so worth it. Food day is one of the best days of camp. It is great to watch the expressions of the campers and counselors as they try new foods, especially anything slightly spicy. Hot Tamales usually get the best reaction.

The Bible lesson for the day was Jesus washing his disciples' feet. To help reinforce this we washed the feet of our students. None of the boys would do it, but most of the girls allowed us to wash their feet.

Not enjoying the food

So hot!

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Day in the Life

4:50 am: Wake up
5:00 am: Shower
6:30 am: Hike
6:40 am: Nosebleed, walk uphill with head tilted back for 5-10 minutes
7:30 am: Lesson Planning with Katie
8:00 am: Staff Meeting
8:30 am: Breakfast
9:30 am: Chapel
9:35 am: Already hot and sleepy
10:00 am: Can barely keep eyes open
11:00 am: Class
11:15 am: Class is not going well
12:00 pm: Take class to the store for snacks and ice cream
12:50 pm: Arrive back at camp, release students for lunch
1:00 pm: Lunch
1:30 pm: Free time/fill up water balloons
2:30 pm: Workshops. Water day.
5:15 pm: Final workshop over. Drenched with pool water
5:20 pm: Change of wet clothes, hang them on line to dry
6:00 pm: Supper
6:30 pm: Free time
7:00 pm: Evening activity--Sharks and Dolphins/Prison Break
8:00 pm: Closing Chapel
8:10 pm: American Staff Meeting
10:45 pm: Blog
11:00 pm: Play Prawo dżungli or sleep?

The ammunition

So proud of their creation

Bucket Race

Great way to cool off